Super Angel 5500 Stainless Steel Living Juice Extractor Review

The “Living Juice Extractor”

Super Angel LogoBoasting “The Most Advanced Living Juice Extractor in the World,” the Super Angel 5500 by US Juicers celebrates more than 25 years in business with unparalleled quality and durable construction.  The Super Angel’s surgical, stainless steel exterior houses a powerful, quarter-horsepower motor driving twin, SUS-304 steel augers to extract more juice per inch than any juicer on the market today.

Operating at 86 RPMs to produce as little foam and heat as possible, the Super Angel 3-stage screen process removes more pulp that even top masticating juicers.  Backed by a 10-year warranty that covers everything from top to bottom (except a few wear and tear items), the Super Angel is the monster juicer to make even your juicer friends’ jealous.

Super Angel 5500 Features

  • 3-Stage Dual Gear Triturating Juicer
  • All Stainless Steel Parts
  • Fan-cooled, Ultra-powerful 180 Watt ¼ HP motor
  • Highest juice extraction of any class with 20-30% more yield
  • Full 10-year Warranty on motor and parts

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Super Angel 5500 Stainless Steel Juicer Review

Super Angel 5500There’s an unwritten law of appliance averages which says a $49 model is for beginners, the $129 is the upgraded version, and the $249 price point is for enthusiasts.  Juice extractors are no different, really, and we as consumers are lucky: at each of those price points you can generally find a quality juicer.  In our industry, $300 will buy you a juice machine that can handle just about any carrot or beet you send down its chute.

So when a company decides to make only one juicer as the cornerstone of their business and sell it for 2-3 times higher than anything else out there, it better be amazing.  Not just a little bit amazing.  $1200 amazing.

Lucky for them, US Juicers succeeds at doing just that, and they’ve been doing this gig well for over 25 years.  But it begs the question right up front:

Is This Juicer Worth $1,200?

You’ll no doubt be able to find plenty of websites that tell you it is.  They want you to buy it-and you’ll find the same information all over the web.  We’d like to think that we’re different at; we’re not here to sell you anything or convince you one way or the other.  We feel that if you’re considering buying a $1,000 juicer, you should have all the information you need to come to your own conclusions.

We’ll hopefully accomplish this in our Super Angel juicer review by switching from our regular format, to the tried and true, “PROS and CONS” since it works so well.  It may not be very original, but it’s easily understandable.  If you are considering the Super Angel 5500, you probably are also looking at the Green Star or Norwalk juicers and this may help you compare.   Make no mistake, the Super Angel 5500 is a great juicer, but it’s not perfect-and you have to decide for yourself whether the PROS we’ll cover outweigh the CONS.

Let’s get started.

PROS: Juice extraction is absolutely #1

No other juicer can compare to the amount of juice super angel juicers can get from one piece of fruit or vegetable.  None.  You’ll find plenty of videos online demonstrating this: the Angel will, ounce for ounce, draw out more juice from the same item through its’ super efficient trituration.  If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it simply means grinding.  The company estimates the level of raw juice extraction at 20-30% more but we think that’s probably being modest.  In most cases, the Super Angel does this with less pulp and foam; two things that would add bulk to the extraction from another juicer.  More juice=savings on produce.

Below is a quick chart we assembled from a popular juicer review video made by  They compare the Super Angel 5500 vs. Omega VRT350HD (one of our Best Juicer Winners).  Each juicer was set up exactly the same and given the same starting weight of produce.  The juice extracted was then weighed after each machine was finished.  We’ve summed up the data they collected.  Total juice weight is in grams:


Grams of Juice Extracted: Super Angel vs Omega VRT350HD

Starting Weight
Super Angel 5500

Omega VRT350HD

Pct. increase

As you can see, the Super Angel 5500 juicer really rocked even the Omega VRT350HD-which we love.  From these numbers, you can do the math:  if you get an average of 5-40% more out of your juicer on each use, it will eventually pay for itself.

Let’s say you spend on average $20 a week on fruits and vegetables for your juicer.  Some spend lots more-especially with organic, but that’s probably a decent average.  Getting 25% more juice out of the same produce means you can spend $5 less per week.  It doesn’t seem like much but it really adds up.  Over two years that’s almost $500 in savings-and that’s only if you casually juice.  Juice fanatics out there will see even bigger savings.  Organic fruits and veg certainly aren’t getting any cheaper.

The Super Angel 5500′s yield is not just higher, either.  Reviewers online say the quality of juice that comes out of the Angel is richer-perhaps due to the smaller quantity of pulp.  Lettuces extract with a deeper green and carrots a more vibrant orange color juice from the Super Angel than other machines.

Reviewer from

“Very high yield. Saves a great deal of money over time especially when juicing organic produce.  I cannot stress this enough… …the quality of juice that comes out of the triturating juicer (Angel) is so high that there is no point in looking at anything else.”

Our research uncovered many reviews like this one, saying the Super Angel does an exceptionally good job getting more juice out of softer fruits like oranges, pineapple, grapes and even pomegranates.  These can go in whole without worrying about seeds.  But where the Angel really excels is at juicing greens.  Spinach and kale are highly recommended for the Angel and there is very little pulp ejected.  This includes wheatgrass, which juicers generally have a difficult time with.

PROS: Stainless Steel Everything

Stainless Steel Super Angel 5500

SUS-304 steel augers

The advantages of stainless steel juicers are immediately obvious to anyone that has used plastic to juice: it discolors quickly.  Carrots and beets quickly stain a juicer and the Super Angel should stay looking brand new for longer with proper care.  In addition, the company makes the claim: “No toxins from plastic will ever be in your juice.” We aren’t totally sold on that idea yet, but the stainless steel certainly seems more antiseptic and also easier to keep clean.

PROS: Solid Construction Quality

Both the motor and the twin augers are very heavy and sturdy-and these are what get the work done in a triturating juicer. The company claims the dual auger screws are made from an even higher quality stainless steel called SUS-304 that is stronger than regular steel.  A hefty, 180 Watt, ¼ HP motor drives the screws at 3 HP to juice just about anything sent down the chute.  While in use, the Angel is super-quiet, being described as “a little noisier than a loud fridge, but much, much quieter than a centrifugal juicer.”

No doubt the Super Angel has reason to boast.  But let’s take a look at what could be some drawbacks to this pricey machine:

CONS: It’s Slow

No getting around this: the Super Angel juicer is slower than a centrifugal juicer.  Juicing times are increased by at least an additional 5-10 minutes as the triturating process cannot compete on RPMs with a centrifugal machine.  But it’s not supposed to, and the 86 RPMs are slow for a reason: better extraction and less foam.  Lettuce greens juice simply cannot be extracted properly at 1,000 RPMS and centrifugals fall short in this category.

We debated putting this in the CONS category as it isn’t a failure of the machine by any means.  It’s just something you should be aware of-your juicing times with the Super Angel will be slightly longer than any Breville.

In addition, the Angel’s feed chute is smaller (1.7 inches) than most centrifugal mouths.  You will have to quarter apples and cut up larger vegetables to feed the Super Angel.  This will add some additional time to your juicing process.

CONS: Longer Cleanup Time

Hotly debated online and largely a stalemate between the two sides.  We mention it here as 50% of you will complain about it taking longer to clean the Super Angel and the other half will not.  Essentially, there are really only 3 parts to clean after each juicing: the two gears and one screen.  Then any wipe down of the machine, of course.  The debate online boils down to how long it takes to clean the screen.

Let’s hear from both sides:

From an Amazon Reviewer:

“The plus side is that the gears are very easy to clean, just pour water on it and the pulp just rinses away. The screen is a different story altogether. The screen length is very long which is great for getting a high juice yield but tough to clean. Your hands can not reach all the way inside so you have to use the included brush and then scrub for a very long time. “

And the other side of the argument:

From an Amazon Reviewer:

“It takes less than three minutes if you wash immediately after juicing. The brush that comes with the unit is necessary to clean the screen, but even that takes less than a minute, if you scrub it under running water. It’s no more time consuming than cleaning the screen of any other juicer. “

To us, the endless debate (and you can find lots of the above online) is simply the argument for separately cleaning the screen by hand.  Which if you’ve been reading any of our juicer reviews for any length of time you’ll note we always tell you to take time to do this properly.  Keeping the mesh clean with a brush by hand is one of the best ways to ensure the longevity of your juicer.

CONS: Miscellaneous

We found a few users commenting that some soft fruits like strawberries and kiwis clog up the screen if pushed through the Super Angel too quickly. You’ll find soft fruits have this problem in other juicers as well, and you should alternate firm vegetables like carrots along with the fruits to mitigate.

Many users initially complained that the included plastic containers for collecting the juice and pulp were cheaply made and did not mirror the high quality of the juicer.  US Juicers has recently pulled the plastic and replaced these with glass collectors.  On their website they again mention the evils of toxins in plastics-again, we don’t agree but it’s nice to see the manufacturer listen to any user complaints.  If you order from Amazon you are assured to only get the glass collection bins.

We’d like to note that there are knock-off versions online and the company is trying to inform customers to how to avoid.   If you do wind up purchasing this juicer please ensure you are getting the correct US Juicers version and not a copycat.


Earlier we asked if this juicer was worth $1,200.  Yes, it is.  Is it worth $1,200 to you?  We can’t answer that.

We hope we have provided you with as much information to make your own judgment. If you’ve taken the trouble to read what is probably the longest Super Angel review online (whew!) then you’re obviously interested in whether or not this juicer is for you. Being very blunt, we’ll say that depends entirely on your commitment to juicing.  We’ve heard people online say that spending such a large amount of money has helped to ensure they stay committed to juicing and adopt a healthier lifestyle.  If that sounds like you then this may be exactly what you need.

But, yes, if you only juice occasionally there are more affordable options available.

In the end, we feel the PROS certainly outweigh the CONS.  It’s a good investment for your health and the health of your family. It is extremely well built and should last a very long time. US Juicers sticks a very nice 10-year warranty on their machine and we think you’ll certainly get that out of the machine.

With the highest levels of extraction out of any juicer, you can end up saving a ton of money in the long run on produce.  It’s a huge investment up front, it’s a very big commitment to a lifestyle change, and it’s a personal decision.

But we think it’s worth it.  So much so, we’re calling it the Best High-End Juicer of 2012:

Award Winner Super Angel 5500

Where to buy the Super Angel:

We feel Amazon has the best deal on the Super Angel 5500.  Why buy this from Amazon?  They offer the easiest return policy just in case there are any issues, plus you get free shipping through that link.


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3 Comments at "Super Angel 5500 Stainless Steel Living Juice Extractor Review"

kenji otsuka February 7th, 2012 (#)

i have two green power broke after 8 years use.the other broke only within 1 year.the maker said the gear needed to be replaced.i understand for the first one.but how about the second one.i used only 1 year.that juicer is about 21 pound.the same as angel juicer.which motor is stronger? it seems to me as the weight is the same,there are not very big differences between angel and green power juicers.

Tim March 7th, 2012 (#)

Hey Bestjuicer,

My wife and I are going to be doing a long term juicing fast. We have a Vitamix and a low end Breville I am thinking of getting a Norwalk but the Super Angel seems to give the Norwalk a run for its money. How do you think the Super Angel stacks up against the Norwalk?

Michael March 8th, 2012 (#)

Hey Tim-
Awesome! The juice fast is probably the best way to get healthy, quick-and you feel superb just a few days into it. Honestly, even if money was no option, between the two we’d still go with the Super Angel. It has higher juice yields than anything out there and it’s half the price of a Norwalk 275.

Plus, for a juice fast you’re going to be juicing nearly every day, and that whole “bagging system” of the Norwalk just leaves us cold. Norwalk is probably better at being an “all-in-one” machine for nut butters and baby food, but for straight up juicing you just can’t beat the Angel.

Keep us updated on the fast!

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