Juicer Review: Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro 67650

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro 67650 Juice Extractor

Hamilton BeachChances are there is a Hamilton Beach appliance in your kitchen somewhere right now. With some of the most famous brands in the business including Proctor Silex® and TrueAir®, Hamilton Beach sells more than 35 million appliances each year.

Founded in Racine, Wisconsin in 1910, the company’s main product was the Hamilton Beach Drink Mixer which made milk shakes with malt powder. The small company continued to grow throughout the 20th century, finally merging in 1990 with Proctor Silex. Combining good customer service with value pricing has given Hamilton Beach a leading edge across a variety of small kitchen appliances.

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro 67650 Juice Extractor Features:

  • Die cast metal locking latches
  • Powerful 1.1 HP motor
  • Stainless steel mesh blade and strainer
  • All detachable parts dishwasher safe
  • Large, 3-inch “Big Mouth” chute for whole foods
  • Juice catching beaker and cleaning brush included
  • 1 year warranty

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Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro 67650 Review

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro 67650The Big Mouth Pro gets its name from the large feed chute which allows for whole foods to go in without extra prep. This saves time when juicing as it can handle small apples and larger carrots straight from the bag. However, we find the name to be a bit of a misnomer as many quality centrifugal juicers on the market today have the same chute size (3 inches).  There’s a slight drawback to having a big feed chute, however.  While the Big Mouth Pro will take just about any fruits and vegetables, they have a tendency to “bounce” around due to the large feed chute, and you’ll want to have the plunger ready to steady the produce as it goes in.  It’s a little hard to describe, but with older juicers the mouth size was smaller and kept the fruit from vibrating around prior to juicing.  But you had to cut the fruit up, and with this one you don’t.

Seriously, you’d be hard pressed (no pun intended) to find a cucumber large enough that you couldn’t put it straight in the Big Mouth Pro.  It’s a real time saver.

We found many happy customers online with lots of positive reviews calling the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro 67650 the Best Value Juicer they’ve ever owned. This is due to the low price point, of course: it’s one of the least expensive juicers on the market today. At a suggested manufacturer retail price of $79.99 (we found it much less through other online retailers-more on that in a bit), it is at least $30 cheaper than the comparable Breville.

While we don’t feel that price should be the main factor in selecting any appliance, some of the best juicer reviews we’ve seen rate this machine solely on value for the money.

There are other factors which make this a great juice extractor.  It has an extremely powerful motor (1.1 HP, which translates to 820 watts) for its price point. The comparable Breville BJE200XL is only 700 watts. The Big Mouth Pro motor can handle any hard and soft fruits you can throw at it-from carrots to broccoli stems. The stainless steel mesh blade has a fine sieve which keeps larger food particles from ending up in the juice. All the parts are dishwasher safe and it comes with a 1-year warranty. A small, but added bonus is the included juice collector cup. While this may not seem like much, it is perfectly sized for the juicer spout height. You’d be surprised how many juicers don’t include this little extra.

Hamilton Beach 67650 review

With all the basics covered and then some, the Hamilton Beach 67650 is a good choice for your first juicer. It is easy to clean as the parts quickly disassemble and can go straight into the dishwasher. The Big Mouth Pro comes with a simple cleaning brush, in which we always advise using on the mesh blade to remove any particulate matter in the screen. Doing this while the blade is still wet is imperative to keeping your machine clean.

One caveat when shopping for Hamilton Beach Juicers online, however: Check your model number carefully! We recommend the Hamilton Beach Big 67650 over the Hamilton Beach 67608 for two reasons: Both are “Big Mouth Juice Extractors” but the 67650 has a slightly more powerful motor over the 67608’s 800 watts. The second reason is the biggest, however: the 67608 has plastic locking clips whereas the 67650 has die cast metal locking latches. They are sturdier than the plastic and less prone to break. Oddily enough, both machines are priced the same on the manufacturer’s web site. It can be confusing, but just make sure to stick with the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro 67650.

One more note we should add about Hamilton Beach: There was a recall in November 2001 on six juicer models, the :67150, 67180, 67180W, 395WS, 67199 and the 3920JS. It comprised of over 2 million juicers and was a voluntary recall by the company for “strainer basket and lid breaking apart and projecting metal and plastic into the air.” While this sounds alarming, we do note that this was over 10 years ago and Hamilton Beach appears to have remedied any issues. The Big Mouth Pro was not involved in the recall. But ALWAYS be sure to check the model number when purchasing ANY kitchen appliance online. Avoid websites that do not give model number information.

Best Juicer Site Recommendation

All that being said, with over 500 customer reviews at Amazon.com this is easily one of the most popular juicers on the market today. It has a combined rating on the site of 4.2 stars out of 5-which is a great rating given the quantity of reviewers. And for a good simple reason: It has a powerful motor and a budget price. For this we feel comfortable recommending the Big Mouth Pro to our readers. It’s simply one of the best starter juicers for the money today.  In fact, it wins our award for the Best Value Juicer, 2012.

Award Winner Hamilton Beach 67650

To that point, we have found Amazon to have a fantastic deal going on right now: they have the Hamilton Beach 67650 Big Mouth Pro for less than $70 through this link. To us, that’s an awesome-ly low price to get into juicing.  Not sure how long the price is going to be this low, but dollar for dollar that makes the Big Mouth Pro 67650 one of the best juicers to buy.

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